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Popular areas for slip-and-fall accidents in casinos

In Las Vegas, casinos are massive in size and scope, offering dazzling gambling experiences for the tourists that come to visit. However, the large interiors and services offered at casinos and their accommodating hotels means that the staff will not keep up with everything. A spilt drink or faulty carpeting could go on for hours before anyone informs them of the hazard.

As difficult as it is to take your eyes off of the luminous wonders of this city, you need to take caution in certain areas to avoid suffering from a serious fall injury.

Slot machines and stages

These two areas are not often within close proximity of each other, but they have one common hazard that has tripped up many guests over the years: cords. While most casino layouts place their slot machines in specific locations to avoid this, they also constantly move them around from time-to-time. It is easy for them to make an oversight in the process, resulting in a machine’s cord stretching out on the floor to make it to the outlet.

Vegas also offers entertainment with various stunt, music and comedy performances on large stages. No matter how high quality the performance center is, you need to keep your eyes out for any large cables or cords stretching across the ground. Comedian George Wallace won a $1.3 million slip-and-fall lawsuit for rupturing his Achilles tendon after getting tangled in cables at the Bellagio, resulting in a permanent limp.

Bars and pool areas

Many vacationers love to drink in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, they can also be very clumsy with how they handle their beverages. Though casinos often have carpet to minimize the chances of falling down, there are still areas with hard floors and glasses left on the ground from a person or staff member that did not pick it up. While spills are often spread out, expect most of them to occur closer to the bars.

The city’s hotels also have extraordinarily large pool areas for guests to refresh themselves after a hot day of working or gambling. Since there is so much to do in these areas, you will also have many swimmers walking around and leaving large puddles behind them. Be careful at any outside pathways near the pool area as swimming guests going out of the pool are still dripping near the area. There are not too many wet floor signs near the entrances, which can give guests a false sense of security.

Walking around to see the sites should not be as risky as gambling in Vegas. You should be here relaxing in your hotel room, not a hospital bed. If you trip and receive serious damages as a result of the casino staff’s negligence, you should contact a local attorney that specializes in personal injury at the Sin City.