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Las Vegas, Nevada Lawyer Battling an Insurance Company’s Bad Faith

When an insurance company wrongfully denies a claim, delays a claim or otherwise engages in insurance bad faith or unfair claims practices, you do have options. In Nevada, an insured has numerous available remedies or claims to hold insurance companies accountable and seek compensation and coverage.

Bowen Law Offices works closely with a leading group of insurance professionals with more than 25 years of experience. These individuals include authors of widely recognized insurance curriculum and books on insurance law. Our firm fully understands, appreciates and employs strategies to demonstrate insurance bad faith, and / or unfair claims practices and seeks maximum recovery.

If you have reason to believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith or engaged in unfair claims practices, we would like to explain your options to you. Call 702-763-6159 or e-mail our firm to arrange your complimentary case consultation.

Protecting Victims of Insurance Bad Faith and Insurance Malpractice

As a trial attorney , Jerome R. Bowen handles domestic, international and multinational cases on behalf of clients wronged by national, foreign and multinational insurance companies. We understand the requirements of foreign service of process and our experience in insurance defense gives us an understanding of the opposition’s strategies.

An insurance company may have acted in bad faith, unfair claims practices, and / or breached its duty to an insured if any of the following has occurred; this list is not comprehensive:

  • Insurer failed to provide the contracted coverage – Whether that involves a duty to defend the insured in court, a duty to indemnify the insured (duty to pay benefits to the insured)
  • Insurance company engaged in unfair practices when writing or selling the policy, including claims made on the policy
  • Insurance company failed to make required payments or delayed payments in bad faith
  • Insurer failed to fulfill legal duty as insurance agent – Whether that involves failing to explain the policy properly, failing to sell the correct policy, or failing to write the policy correctly; failing to properly process any claim or provide sufficient notification of claims
  • Failing to timely and properly settle a suit involving the insured

Bowen Law Offices handles virtually all types of insurance policy disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowner insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Casualty insurance
  • Individual health insurance
  • Additional insured
  • Excess coverage
  • Commercial business policies

Bold Representation

Bowen Law Offices formulates professional and creative strategies to seek the most optimal resolution for our clients. We are unafraid to address failures by large insurers and we will be your strongest ally and advocate if you have experienced bad faith actions by your insurance company.

It is possible to resolve an ongoing personal injury case, for example, by investigating and employing strategies associated with circumstances of insurance “bad faith” against the defendant’s insurer. We have a keen appreciation of a client’s potential ability to obtain an insurance bad faith case that will benefit a resolution of the underlying case and promote the potential best outcome of the client’s case.

Bowen Law Offices has significant experience handling highly complex, multiparty insurance litigation. For example, see cited Nevada Supreme court cases. Contact us to arrange your complimentary case consultation.