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Family Law

Bowen Law Offices brings a wealth of litigation and courtroom trial experience to clients with various family law needs. Our lawyer will not push you through a cookie-cutter family law litigation process but will give your the personal caring legal attention you need and deserve. Rely on our attorney for innovative and strategic litigation methods.

Attorney Jerome Bowen has received the distinction of being named among the top trial lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association every year since 2008.

We look forward to speaking with you about your divorce or other family law issues. Call Bowen Law Offices at 702-763-6159 or e-mail our firm to arrange your complimentary case evaluation.

A Full Range Of Divorce Litigation Services

Under the direction of senior partner Jerome R. Bowen, we litigate cases ranging from simple to complex, low profile to high profile. Whenever possible, we aggressively pursue an expedient and favorable settlement; when necessary, however, we do not hesitate to employ our experience and tenacity in going to trial for our clients.

Our firm handles virtually all types of family law matters, including divorce litigation and uncontested divorce settlements involving matters such as:

Marital property division: Nevada is a community property state. Property, assets and debts acquired during the marriage are subject to equitable distribution. The firm has ample knowledge of complex property valuation and has financial professionals available to assist in protecting your property interests.

Child custody and visitation: We seek fair determinations of physical custody, legal custody and visitation arrangements. Issues affecting the children involved are approached with the best interests of the children at the forefront.

Child support: Child support in Nevada is determined by statutory guidelines. Factors assessed in the calculation include income such as salary, dividends and commissions. Items such as health insurance, childcare, education and travel expenses are also considered. We handle initial determinations and child support enforcement actions.

Spousal support: The firm pursues temporary or permanent alimony awards that fairly and fully protects your interests. We handle initial determinations and enforcement.

Military Divorce
While the Nevada courts do not make a distinction for a divorce by a member of the military, there are specific custody and property issues that must be taken into consideration. Special consideration must be taken regarding the military pension, health care, and parenting rights when the service member is subject to long-term deployment. We have helped numerous active duty U.S. military and their dependent spouses through the complexity of divorce in Nevada courts.

Custody Issues For Unmarried Parents

Many unmarried couples ending a domestic relationship may have a child or children that will remain an important part of both parents’ future. If you are concerned about your custodial rights and child support issues after your relationship ends with your domestic partner, call us for help.

We can discuss the goals and questions you have regarding divorce proceedings in a complimentary case consultations. Call 702-763-6159 or e-mail us today.