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At the Bowen Law Offices, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we provide knowledgeable legal advice and the documents necessary to help you protect and transfer your family’s assets upon death or incapacitation. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your current circumstances, as well as explain how trusts work and why it is important to have an updated last will and testament to help you meet your long-term goals for your heirs and beneficiaries.

Is A Last Will And Testament Really Necessary?

In most cases, Nevada law provides that assets and property will automatically transfer to a surviving spouse upon death. An updated will is important if there is any specific property you wish to be left to a specific heir or beneficiary. A valid will also protects your family from unforeseen disputes that may arise, such as between among children from a previous marriage and stepchildren who may challenge the transfer of property through the probate process.

Discover The Power Of A Living Trust

What are your goals in estate planning? To ensure that assets will go to the people or charities of your choice? To have access to your assets as long as you need them during your lifetime? To include a plan for managing your property if you are incapacitated someday? To keep your private financial matters private? To avoid probate court if possible?

A living trust can accomplish all these things for many people. Once you open a revocable or living trust and title your assets to that trust, you will retain flexibility in managing them. All assets that are included in your living trust and the way they are distributed will remain private information between you, the trustee and any third parties that are directly involved, such as financial institutions. In contrast, property handled through a will goes through probate court and becomes part of a public record.

Contact us to learn more about:

  • The benefits of a living trust according to your situation
  • How to set one up with our help
  • How to put all intended assets into the trust

We will also advise the trustee, as needed, on how to manage the trust if you become incapacitated and after your death. If you do not have a trustee in mind, our firm can act as the trustee and distribute assets to the intended beneficiaries according to your expressed wishes when the time comes.

Other estate planning documents that we can help you with include:

  • Powers of attorney
  • A living will (health care directive)
  • A pour-over will to account for any property that is not in your trust(s)

For any of your property that is not part of your living trust, we can guide your estate’s executor or personal representative through the probate process.

Free Consultation To Discuss Your Estate Planning Goals

Call us at 702-763-6159 or contact the Bowen Law Offices by email to schedule a free consultation with attorney Jerome Bowen. Our office hours in Las Vegas are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments are available by special arrangement, and we can meet in your home or office if you prefer.