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Following the death of a loved one, it is difficult to think about the probate and estate administration matters that someone has to deal with. In many cases, the decedent may have left his or her final wishes up in the air regarding the disposition of final assets, property, contractual obligations and debt. Expecting a family member to clear up the probate issues, close down a business, transfer real estate titles and resolve debt with creditors is asking someone to set aside his or her grief and take on a complex task.

A Lawyer Who Understands Complex Probate Issues

If the decedent resided in the Las Vegas metropolitan area or anywhere in Nevada, turn your probate issues over to Bowen Law Offices. Attorney Jerome Bowen has been helping families take care of the final details of estate administration for more than 15 years.

Our law firm offers a full range of services in the area of probate and estate preservation law, including:

  • Asset inventory and valuation
  • Executor assistance and family representative for executing the will
  • Contested will disputes, estate litigation
  • Trust disputes and litigation
  • Trust administration, trusteeship
  • Final details with creditors
  • Business succession
  • Real estate title transfers
  • Final estate tax issues

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We know that this is a difficult time for you and your family. Knowing what to do next regarding probate, the administration of final affairs, and executing the terms of the will or trust is confusing and something most people never have to do in their lifetime. That is why we are here.

No matter where you are in the United States, if you have a probate matter to deal with in Las Vegas or another community in Nevada, you can trust attorney Jerome Bowen. Call us at 702-763-6159 or send an email with a brief explanation of your probate or estate administration concerns. We will schedule a phone or personal consultation as soon as possible.