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Divorcing couples must divide assets – and debt

Dividing marital property in a divorce is often a complex – and contentious – issue. It is common for spouses to dispute over who will keep the house, the car and even the dining room table.

However, there is one thing that spouses often overlook during the property division process: their debt.

Talking about your estate plan with your kids is important

Many people put off estate planning for as long as possible. They may see it as overwhelming, or they might feel uncomfortable thinking about a future where they are gone. These same feelings can also lead individuals to avoid discussing their estate plan with their children, even after they have made a plan for the future.

Even though creating an effective and comprehensive estate plan is important to protect your family’s future, discussing your wishes with the family is just as important.

You’re a new parent: why should you think about estate planning?

When you welcome a new child into the world, end-of-life planning is probably the last thing on your mind. But in reality, it’s one of the most important things you can attend to, especially after becoming a new parent.

Life can be beautiful, precious and most of all unpredictable. When you start to seriously consider estate planning after becoming a first-time parent, you can ensure that your child will be taken care of, even if you aren’t there to do so yourself.

What is the difference between physical and legal custody?

Many parents think of custody as a single award of parenting rights that will be granted entirely to one parent or entirely to another. However, child custody is more complicated than that.

One of the most important child custody details for parents to understand is that there are different kinds of custody. A custody order includes provisions regarding both physical and legal custody. Either physical or legal custody can be sole or joint.

3 Times in your life you should update your estate plan

The thought of sitting down and creating an estate plan can be challenging enough for many people. So, to constantly revisit and update it might seem like a daunting chore. However, when you review, amend and update your estate plan, you ensure that your plan terms and instructions align with your wishes, even when they change.

Generally, the accepted period of time that you should review your estate plan is every three to five years. But, you may also want to update your estate plan after any of the following significant life changes.

Retail stores are prime locations for holiday slip and falls

At the end of the year, holiday seasons come upon us, and with that comes shopping. Gifts, decorations and party supplies need purchasing. Retail stores historically become a bit of a madhouse. Long lines, loud customers, and merchandise strewn everywhere can make the existing stress all the more heightened. And while the stress of planning might seem to be paramount, there are other issues at play.

Just as stores become a bit of a madhouse, safety unfortunately can go a bit out the door. Whether it’s the crowded nature of the store, the employees running around, or a number of other factors, injuries become all the more likely. While employees and managers should be doing their due diligence to keep stores clean and safe, the hustle and bustle can override that. And with that can come the dreaded slip and fall.

How injury risks in Las Vegas increase around Thanksgiving

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for most of the major holidays throughout the year, and Thanksgiving is no exception. While many American workers celebrate by getting together with their families, others seek to take full advantage of the time they have off. Last year, officials were predicting around 300,000 visitors would come to Sin City during this national holiday.

Thanksgiving is also one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. While most of the fatalities around this week come from drunk and drowsy drivers, you still need to take precautions if you plan on walking the Strip and checking out the local festivities. Be on the lookout for the following hazards:

How to choose trustees among your adult children

Most parents dread when their children saunter up to them and ask, “who’s your favorite?” or “which one of us do you love more?” There are silly questions that all parents deal with, but those questions tend to pop up again during the estate planning process.

People tend to choose one of their children to handle their estate after they pass because they will outlive them and have their best interests at heart. However, if you have multiple adult children, choosing one person creates hostility among all your kids.

Dancer awarded millions for insurance company bad faith

The insurance company for a Massachusetts adult entertainment club failed to investigate an accident that severely injured an employee, a federal judge has found. The employee filed a civil case against the company for insurance bad faith.

The judge found the insurance company’s actions “willful, knowing and in bad faith” when it ignored the facts of the accident and denied the employee’s insurance claim. The maximum the company had to pay under the policy was $300,000 but the judge ordered the to pay $5.4 million.

Not everything stays in Vegas

When you plan a vacation to Las Vegas, you have abundant attractions to choose from to create an experience of a lifetime. You probably hope to win big at the casinos and check out some shows. And no matter what you do, you aim to have a good time.

People often enjoy Vegas safely and create memories only Sin City can provide. However, since the city never seems to sleep, there are plenty of ways you could get hurt while merely trying to have fun. Unfortunately, even some of the popular, nationwide attractions could leave you with injuries.