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How to choose trustees among your adult children

Most parents dread when their children saunter up to them and ask, “who’s your favorite?” or “which one of us do you love more?” There are silly questions that all parents deal with, but those questions tend to pop up again during the estate planning process.

People tend to choose one of their children to handle their estate after they pass because they will outlive them and have their best interests at heart. However, if you have multiple adult children, choosing one person creates hostility among all your kids.

Dancer awarded millions for insurance company bad faith

The insurance company for a Massachusetts adult entertainment club failed to investigate an accident that severely injured an employee, a federal judge has found. The employee filed a civil case against the company for insurance bad faith.

The judge found the insurance company’s actions “willful, knowing and in bad faith” when it ignored the facts of the accident and denied the employee’s insurance claim. The maximum the company had to pay under the policy was $300,000 but the judge ordered the to pay $5.4 million.

Not everything stays in Vegas

When you plan a vacation to Las Vegas, you have abundant attractions to choose from to create an experience of a lifetime. You probably hope to win big at the casinos and check out some shows. And no matter what you do, you aim to have a good time.

People often enjoy Vegas safely and create memories only Sin City can provide. However, since the city never seems to sleep, there are plenty of ways you could get hurt while merely trying to have fun. Unfortunately, even some of the popular, nationwide attractions could leave you with injuries.

How long after a car accident injury can I file a lawsuit?

After a car accident, you may not immediately feel the effects of an injury or believe you walked away unscathed. However, if you discover later that you are injured, you may feel you missed your chance to seek help paying for your medical bills or lost work.

This is likely more common than you realize. Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBIs), which is a common car accident injury, can take days or weeks to present themselves. What options do Nevada car accident victims have if they discover an injury later?

Has a UPS or FedEx commercial truck injured you?

Sometimes, it seems like delivery trucks have taken over the world. The rapid pace of deliveries from Amazon and other online shopping outlets has spawned a vast fleet of delivery drivers. There are the big, over-the-road trucks driven by Class A commercial drivers. There are the medium-size box trucks that are typically driven by less-regulated Class B drivers. Then there are individuals in cars working on a contract basis for minimal pay.

Out on the highway, we may see UPS or FedEx drivers speeding, driving distracted or simply failing to gauge the conditions properly and going off the road.

What to consider before equally dividing your assets

Many estate planners in Las Vegas don’t want too much trouble when they are determining how much their heirs should receive. Some might only have one child and few family members and friends, so it isn’t too difficult to balance what assets they inherit. Others might have multiple kids, grandchildren or stepchildren to complicate their situation.

Your first instinct might be to have your primary inheritors each earn the same amount. Many prefer this option to avoid postmortem controversies. However, choosing this isn’t quite so straightforward and you could risk losing significant assets in the process. You need to think about what options you have before you end up losing most of your property after your death.

Getting through the bars of Las Vegas safely

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and while the many residents of Sin City use several holidays as excuses to go out and get a drink, this one is guaranteed to have more hangovers than others. Las Vegas typically has plenty of drunk pedestrians outside of the holiday weeks as it is. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Nevada has the third highest alcohol consumption rate in the country.

With so many intoxicated people roaming the streets and casinos, it’s important to take several safety precautions if you plan on celebrating St. Paddy’s day this year or just need a trip to the bar in general. Whether it’s in a hotel or outside of the Strip, bars are some of the most common locations for injuries to happen whether it’s from slipping on beer or getting smacked by an intoxicated party goer.

Why February may be a rough month for Nevada couples

Nevada isn’t quite the best state for married couples to be together. It often ranks high on many site rankings for the states with the highest divorce rates and even gets the top spot in some of them. Most of it is likely due to the unpredictable and chaotic nature of Las Vegas, where couples can marry and divorce within minutes and have little to no planning involved.

Those who are trying to keep their marriages afloat may find a difficult time in February. It may be the shortest month of the year, but it can feel longer if two spouses come across the month’s following hazards:

A trust is not just one thing, it is a document to fit your needs

You may not be aware of all the benefits and uses of a trust. Like many other people, you may believe that a trust is something only put together by the most wealthy or famous. But a trust can be used for many different things and more importantly, trusts are for everyone, regardless of wealth. A trust can manage a trustor’s assets while they are alive, reduce estate tax liability or it can be a simpler way to bestow an estate to beneficiaries.

Though trusts will all have the same basic structure, there are different types of trusts with each having its own specifics and purposes. Here is a list of different types of trusts that you can review to see which will best fit your estate planning needs.