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Why February may be a rough month for Nevada couples

Nevada isn’t quite the best state for married couples to be together. It often ranks high on many site rankings for the states with the highest divorce rates and even gets the top spot in some of them. Most of it is likely due to the unpredictable and chaotic nature of Las Vegas, where couples can marry and divorce within minutes and have little to no planning involved.

Those who are trying to keep their marriages afloat may find a difficult time in February. It may be the shortest month of the year, but it can feel longer if two spouses come across the month’s following hazards:

Valentine’s Day

February 14 tends to be a make or break day for a lot of couples. Las Vegas is filled with these tense relationships as it is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day tourist destinations. Valentine’s Day is often seen as one of the most romantic holidays of the year, so some spouses might have some higher expectations during their dinner on the Strip.

It serves as a time for lovers to reflect on their journey up to that point, and some might be unsatisfied with said journey. It may be the last chance certain spouses have to prove themselves to their partners that the decision to marry was worth it in the end. Las Vegas is known for its gambling atmosphere, and for many couples, the stakes could never be higher.

February blues

Studies show that many Americans consider February to be their least favorite month of the year. It is still in the middle of winter, the weather and amount of sunlight makes for a dreary atmosphere in most states and most of that enthusiasm and drive people had towards improving themselves in the new year is now gone.

The latter winter months have some of the highest divorce rates of the year because the first two months can bring out the worst in couples. Even though Las Vegas doesn’t experience winter like most of the other states, that doesn’t mean the month’s timing and lack of sunlight will not have a negative effect on the people who live here. While you cannot blame these circumstances solely for your spouse’s attitude towards you and your marriage, it can still contribute in some way.

Spouses that have marriages potentially on the ropes should prepare themselves in case their partner decides to end their relationship. February may be one of the worst months for couples, but it is also a good time for spouses to explore their legal options to make the divorce proceedings less stressful.