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Not everything stays in Vegas

When you plan a vacation to Las Vegas, you have abundant attractions to choose from to create an experience of a lifetime. You probably hope to win big at the casinos and check out some shows. And no matter what you do, you aim to have a good time.

People often enjoy Vegas safely and create memories only Sin City can provide. However, since the city never seems to sleep, there are plenty of ways you could get hurt while merely trying to have fun. Unfortunately, even some of the popular, nationwide attractions could leave you with injuries.

It may be safer to reserve golfing for the course

You may not associate golf with Vegas. But since the city hosts Topgolf’s biggest and best location, you might enjoy hitting a few balls, even if golf isn’t your thing.

With two pools, five bars, and hitting bays available on four floors, it may be hard not to have a good time at the MGM Grand’s Topgolf venue. Yet, with inexperienced golfers socializing and drinking while practicing their swings, there are a variety of injuries you could sustain.

In addition to bumps and bruises, your potential injuries may include:

  • Broken teeth
  • Spinal injuries
  • Eye damage
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis

You may need to sign a waiver before heading up to your bay to create memories you can take home with you. However, if something goes wrong and you suffer injuries due to a fall or someone’s lack of adherence to the establishment’s safety regulations, you may be wise to explore your legal options.