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How injury risks in Las Vegas increase around Thanksgiving

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for most of the major holidays throughout the year, and Thanksgiving is no exception. While many American workers celebrate by getting together with their families, others seek to take full advantage of the time they have off. Last year, officials were predicting around 300,000 visitors would come to Sin City during this national holiday.

Thanksgiving is also one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. While most of the fatalities around this week come from drunk and drowsy drivers, you still need to take precautions if you plan on walking the Strip and checking out the local festivities. Be on the lookout for the following hazards:

Drunk guests

Your chances of receiving an injury from a drunk person drastically increases on the weekends. Even though Thanksgiving only takes place on the fourth Thursday in America, it becomes an extended weekend for many workers. There are plenty of people who have Friday off or request to take it off. Most of the heavy drinking begins on Wednesday night since most workers have Thursday off. These days, it is more commonly known as “Blackout Wednesday.”

Las Vegas certainly has no shortage of bars in the casinos and hotels, so be on the lookout for people showings signs of severe intoxication. If you or any friends are visiting from out of the state, bear in mind that Nevada does have different dram shop liability laws compared to the rest of the nation. Alcohol vendors in Nevada can only be found liable for someone’s injury if they sold alcohol to a minor. If you are hurt by a drunk adult who is over 21, then you can’t file a claim against the bartender that sold him the drink. You can still pursue legal action against the person that hurt you.

Slip-and-falls in hotels and casinos

In the past, we’ve discussed how negligence by the staff in a hotel or casino can lead to devastating injuries. During major holidays like Thanksgiving, employees are more likely to overlook fixing potential fall hazards because of all the guests coming to visit.

If they lack the time to mop up someone’s spilt drink or repair any torn carpeting, then they at least need to provide some form of warning for guests walking near the area such as wet floor signs or stanchions.

Whether your injury was caused by a drunk tourist or a negligent hotel worker during your time off, it’s important to seek out someone experienced with personal injury litigation to help you recover compensation for the incident.