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Retail stores are prime locations for holiday slip and falls

At the end of the year, holiday seasons come upon us, and with that comes shopping. Gifts, decorations and party supplies need purchasing. Retail stores historically become a bit of a madhouse. Long lines, loud customers, and merchandise strewn everywhere can make the existing stress all the more heightened. And while the stress of planning might seem to be paramount, there are other issues at play.

Just as stores become a bit of a madhouse, safety unfortunately can go a bit out the door. Whether it’s the crowded nature of the store, the employees running around, or a number of other factors, injuries become all the more likely. While employees and managers should be doing their due diligence to keep stores clean and safe, the hustle and bustle can override that. And with that can come the dreaded slip and fall.

The causes of slip and falls in retail stores

  • Cleaning fluids: Keeping a store nice and clean adds to its appeal, which draws more people and creates more business. More business means more mess. And when the cleaning is frequent, sometimes a floor might not have time to dry before customers walk its way. Without a sign up, it becomes difficult to tell. It might even be the case that improper methods are being used to clean, which could heighten the risk.
  • Customer spills: Some may be planning a long weekend of shopping, and with those long hours come refreshments. Unfortunately, not all of those refreshments stay in their cups. While some might see a spilled drink as not as much of a hazard as say, broken glass, it still deserves the same prompt cleanup time.
  • Merchandise in odd places: With many items moving around the store, employees or customers might place boxes in precarious positions that create susceptible areas.
  • Lighting: This one can tie into all of the above. In a scenario where there are hazards around a store, if inadequate lighting makes customers unaware of the dangers, this can amplify the chance that they will hurt themselves.

As you can see, there are many things that a shop keeper can do to prevent slip and falls in their stores. From bad lighting to customer spills, the holiday shopping season brings all sorts of obstacles. Getting your shopping done might feel like a hassle, but it shouldn’t bring injuries with it. If during a shopping endeavor this holiday season you suffer a slip and fall, reach out to a qualified legal professional.