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Why you need to have a will

Creating a will is an important part of the estate planning process. If you die before you are able to create this document, any assets held inside of your Nevada estate will likely be distributed according to state law. Furthermore, a judge may need to appoint a guardian for a minor child.

A will gives you more control over your affairs

A will can be used to determine who inherits a home, car or other tangible property that you accumulated during your lifetime. It may also stipulate what should happen to social media accounts, photos or other digital assets that you have. Finally, you can appoint a guardian for a minor son or daughter using this type of document.

Avoid family infighting by articulating your wishes in writing

Putting your final wishes in writing makes it easier for surviving family members to understand what you want them to do after you pass. Leaving clear instructions for those who you leave behind may minimize the risk of legal challenges from family members who believe that they are entitled to a portion of your estate. It may also minimize the risk of hurt feelings, strained relationships between family members or other issues that may arise from a lack of a clear estate plan.

The presence of a will may expedite the probate process

Having a will may make it easier to close a probate proceeding in a matter of months instead of years. This will make it easier for your family to find closure after your passing, and it may also mean that beneficiaries receive their inheritances in a timely manner. An estate planning attorney may be able to help you craft a last will and testament that a judge is likely to enforce.

A quality estate plan can make it easier to retain control over your assets long after you have passed away. It may also ensure that family members can find documents, passwords and other information that they need to properly inventory your belongings.