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Tragic accident is a reminder of the dangers of driving too close to bicycles

A horrific crash that claimed the lives of five Las Vegas residents late last year is a grim reminder of the danger bicyclists face when a negligent driver is near them on the road.

According to KLAS-TV, the five were struck and killed while riding their bikes alongside U.S. Highway 95 south of Las Vegas. A man driving a box truck crossed into the bike lane and hit them from behind. Authorities say the man was high on methamphetamine at the time of the collision. Even the presence of an escort vehicle for the riders was not enough to shield them from this out-of-control truck.

Nevada’s rider protection laws

Nevada law requires motorists to move into the left-hand lane when passing a cyclist. If that is not possible, dBirivers are supposed to leave at least three feet between themselves and the rider. When a driver follows a bike too closely or fails to keep enough separation from the side, a crash can be the result.

The common consequences of getting hit by a motor vehicle

A bike helmet is often not nearly enough protection from the force of a multi-ton car, truck or SUV slamming into you. Victims of bike accidents frequently suffer severe injuries that lead to lifelong disabilities. And those are the ones lucky enough to survive. In this particular tragedy, the victims ranged in age from 39 to 57. They probably left behind families who relied on them for emotional and financial support.

Because bicycle accidents tend to lead to more serious injuries, the amount that victims and their families can recover in damages may also be high, depending on the facts of their particular claim.