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Why did 2020 experience more car accident deaths?

2020 saw a decrease in the number of people behind the wheel, a result that apparently impacted driving behavior. With fewer drivers on Nevada roads, a reasonable assumption would be that there were fewer fatalities. A review of accident statistics reveals a surprising and unfortunate truth. Traffic fatality rates increased dramatically in 2020.

Fatalities and driving behaviors

The National Safety Council (NSC) points out that traffic deaths increased by 8% in 2020. The overall number of fatalities exceeded 42,000 lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not have a definitive answer regarding why deaths increased. Some speculate the fatalities resulted from an increase in risky driving behaviors.

With fewer vehicles on the road, a segment of drivers might feel they could “get away with” traffic violations. Speeding down a less-crowded highway or changing lanes rapidly might seem easier with more space on the road. Poor driving behavior does come with dangers, even when the roads seem less populated. Avoiding a crash and any subsequent fatalities might be challenging when traveling at an unsafe speed or otherwise not following traffic laws.

No excuse for negligent driving

Car accidents resulting in serious harm could lead to a civil suit. Sometimes, the suit may seek damages beyond the negligent party’s insurance policy. Reckless drivers might not think of the consequences of their actions until after an accident. By that time, the damage occurs, and the fallout soon follows.

No excuses would likely serve as a defense to risky, reckless driving behavior. Whether fewer cars appeared on the road means nothing from a legal standpoint.

Persons injured after a car accident could explore lawsuit and insurance settlement options with a personal injury attorney. An attorney may advise on the appropriate strategy to follow.