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Being injured increases if you’re in the backseat

While most people in Nevada think that sitting in the front seat of a car increases your chances of getting injured in a car accident, they might be wrong. Sitting in the backseat has a higher risk of fatalities and serious injuries. Most passengers in the backseat rarely wear their seatbelts, increasing the chances of injuries. Additionally, most automakers focus on securing the front seat passengers forgetting about the backseat passengers.

What causes backseat injuries?

Failure to wear your seatbelt is among the leading reasons for an influx of backseat passenger fatalities. The backseat is as dangerous as the front seat. However, not wearing a safety belt makes the rear seat worse. Some drivers exceed the number of passengers in the back seat than the number of seatbelts available. Thus, there’s the risk of the extra passengers getting ejected in case of an accident.

In case of an auto accident, the passenger sitting at the front seat benefits from a seatbelt that’s designed to tighten against them after any sudden movement. Additionally, the front and side airbags protect them from hitting their bodies on the window and dashboard. Passengers in the backseat, however, don’t have such benefits. The rear seat seatbelts lack force limiters. As a result, the passengers may hit their heads on the front seats or windows during car accidents resulting in serious harm.

Riding safely in the back seat

Car manufacturers need to ensure safety for backseat passengers too. However, passengers should take preventative measures until then. Regardless of the length of the trip, ensure you buckle up. Additionally, as a driver, ensure the passengers understand how the seatbelts function. Further, never allow the passengers to share seatbelts.

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, contact a lawyer. An attorney might help you in getting the ideal compensation.