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Could a car accident result in a spinal fracture?

The unpredictable nature of car accidents means injuries could range from minor or severe. Many Nevada vehicle collisions cause terrible injuries because mitigating factors increased the chances of greater harm. A vehicle traveling over 50 miles per hour may cause more damage than one driving 25 miles per hour, although all collisions come with the potential for life-altering injuries.

 Spinal damage and car accidents

Car accident victims may significantly fear a spinal injury. Spinal fractures and broken vertebrae may result in several spinal cord injuries, including paralysis. Not all spinal injuries are that severe, but even the less serious ones could require extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Sometimes, the injury leaves a victim with permanent disabilities that affect all aspects of his or her life.

After a car accident, emergency responders may immediately take a victim to the emergency room. A thorough examination may uncover spinal damage and other injuries, such as a fractured skull. Sadly, car accidents resulting in serious harm may include multiple injuries. The costs of medical care to treat the injuries could be beyond what health insurance covers, creating financial hardships. Someone with limited funds may not be able to afford all the renovations necessary to make his or her home safe and livable.

Negligence and severe injuries

When negligence leads to a driver, passenger, pedestrian or another person suffering severe harm, the victim may file a lawsuit. If a driver committed a dangerous moving violation before the collision, he or she could be liable. So would any other parties that contributed to the accident. Truck or vehicle fleet companies that put poorly serviced models on the road may be liable too.

Both lawsuits and insurance claims may help an accident victim recover money for medical care. A lawsuit could seek punitive measures to cover pain and suffering as well.