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Do car accidents lead to ER visits?

A car accident does not need to be a head-on collision at high speeds to cause dire injuries. Merely bumping another vehicle could result in a trip to a Nevada emergency room. Whiplash might not be as severe as a broken neck, but it may be vital to have a doctor check the problem. Sometimes, “minor” injuries turn out to be more severe than the victim believes.

Car accidents and devastating injuries

People could suffer any number of terrible injuries after a car accident. Spinal damage and internal bleeding may result. People have experienced life-changing traumatic brain injuries, as well. Although such injuries come with tremendous pain and suffering, those who “only” suffer broken bones could consider themselves fortunate. A long hospital stay followed by a rehab period may be unavoidable.

Sometimes, an accident victim avoids an emergency room visit because nothing appears wrong. The symptoms might show up later, but the victim still does not go to the hospital. Such decisions could cost people their lives. Any pain, headaches, tingling, or swelling may indicate a problem requiring immediate diagnosis and treatment. An injury may become worse when it goes untreated.

Liability and car accident injuries

While an accident victim’s initial attention may focus on health and recovery, thoughts might shift to legal actions. Medical bills and other financial obligations could arise after a car crash. Personal injuries resulting in serious harm may leave someone out of work and struggling to pay bills. A lawsuit or insurance claim could provide a solution to financial woes.

Personal injury cases focus on negligence and liability. If someone did something wrong, such as drive while intoxicated, that person might be responsible for the accident. Liability comes in other forms, and any negligent action might lead to a judgment against a defendant.