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How can using defensive driving tips save lives?

Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate car accidents, Nevada residents can protect themselves and others by using defensive driving. These tips can help save lives.

Anticipate danger at every turn

You should have your guard up at all times while driving. When you anticipate danger, it doesn’t mean you have to be filled with anxiety, but it helps you to be better prepared in the event of motor vehicle accidents. You should be aware of everything going on around you and take appropriate action based on the situation.

Avoid being distracted

Although it’s impossible to avoid all distractions while driving, you can do your part to limit your internal distractions. Put your phone away or turn it off if it helps. Set your car stereo to a station or music you enjoy and avoid conversations with passengers that are too deep that could shift your focus from the road and your driving.

Keep both hands on the wheel

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. One way to use defensive driving is to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. It can help you to maintain better control over your vehicle if a situation arises.

Be careful while braking

Always leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. It can help you to be safer when you need to use the brake. Defensive driving means you should start slowing down sooner by easing your foot off the gas before you tap on the brake.

Avoid aggressive driving

Aggressive driving leads to acts of road rage. This is something you should avoid. Sometimes, defensive driving is confused with aggressive driving. Don’t let the actions of other drivers get you angry and don’t try to retaliate to anything they do. It can help prevent motor vehicle crashes that could have otherwise never happened.

Using these tips can protect you and everyone else on the road.