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2021 saw many tragic car accidents in Nevada

Accidents could become frequent occurrences on Nevada roads when drivers don’t follow the rules. When two cars crash into one another, drivers and passengers may suffer horrible injuries. At least they can rely on seat belts, airbags, and a vehicle’s frame for protection. Pedestrians and even motorcyclists might experience even worse injuries since they have no such protections. Joggers and cyclists may worry even more about their safety upon reading about recent fatality statistics.

Deadly dangers on Nevada roads

2021 saw a significant increase in traffic accident-related deaths among pedestrians and bicyclists in Nevada. Clark County saw a rise of 22% from the previous year, and the entire state of Nevada experienced a tragic figure: 382 fatalities.

Tourists may descend on Las Vegas and other popular destinations, and their lack of familiarity may lead to crashes and near misses. A tourist who isn’t familiar with local roads may suffer from GPS distractions, leading to a fender bender or worse. That said, two top reasons for traffic accidents in Nevada involve speeding and intoxication.

Dangerous driving practices in Nevada

Operating a motor vehicle dangerously might lead to catastrophic injury. A speeding driver might not react in time to avoid an accident. Someone going through a stop sign on an empty street may discover it is not empty. A pedestrian death could occur due to such negligent driving.

Intoxicated drivers may present dangers at any speed they travel. Some drivers might take to the road while impaired, despite all the hazards involved. Even persons arrested multiple times may continue to drive drunk.

Negligence comes in many forms, and negligent drivers could cause fatal accidents. A lawsuit would likely happen after such a regrettable incident.