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Social media can be a problem when getting a divorce

Social media can be a fun environment for Nevada residents who use it for events that they want to communicate to others. But, there are also life circumstances that can be impacted negatively when misunderstood following a social media post. What many people forget when putting up narratives and photos or videos on their social media pages is that every post on all platforms is considered a publication. Social media users are literally publicizing their lives in many instances. For those getting a divorce in Nevada, this may not be a good practice at least until the court order for dissolution is finalized.

Child custody

One of the most important roles of the court when finalizing a divorce is the disposition of any dependent children. Social media posts can present problems in this regard, and especially any risque posts from either particular parent who is wanting primary custody and control. Spouses can use these posts in requesting joint custody at a minimum, which in turn can also impact the assignment of child support responsibilities.

Property division

One of the most contested issues in many Nevada divorces is division of property. Even though Nevada is a community property state, there can still be questions regarding some assets that are determined as personal property by the court. Community property laws typically apply to assets accumulated during the time of the marriage and the actual value of any particular property such as a home or vehicle.


Alimony is another serious issue in many divorces in Nevada. It is essentially a stipend paid by one divorcing spouse to another based on the standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage and any reduced standard that one spouse may experience after the fact. The question of need can be used as a defense to alimony in some cases, and videos or photos can impact any final judicial decision.

The best practice for divorcing couples is either to avoid social media completely or be very cautious when posting anything online. Those with multiple social media accounts can also be easily searched online, and posts may also be shared by other account holders.