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Car accidents and brain trauma

While some car accidents in Nevada could result in minor injuries, such as scrapes or bruises, others may leave the victims with catastrophic injuries. Some accidents could leave the person with a brain injury that causes permanent disability. Civil litigation may be the only way a victim receives compensation to procure needed care after the collision.

Catastrophic brain injuries

A driver or passenger hit from behind by a distracted or intoxicated driver could hit the windshield or the dashboard. The impact may result in a skull fracture or another catastrophic injury. An immediate trip to the hospital might be necessary to save the victims’ lives.

Others may suffer harm in an accident caused by negligence, but they might not know how serious their injuries are. Some brain trauma victims may not experience symptoms until hours after the collision. A headache would be among the more common signs of brain trauma, and those who experience headaches after a seemingly mild crash may need to undergo a physical examination. A CAT scan could reveal worse harm than initially realized.

Injuries and liabilities

Car accidents resulting in serious harm to the brain may cause various conditions that undermine a person’s quality of life. Cognitive issues might result in leaving the person unable to remember things clearly. Motor skills might suffer dramatically, possibly leaving the person unable to work.

Others could deal with emotional trauma. Serious accidents may leave someone struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety and depression may envelop the person’s life, requiring counseling and other treatments to address.

Car crashes that inflict brain trauma could leave a person struggling financially. A lawsuit or insurance settlement may provide a means to recover compensation.