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Deadly U.S. car accident statistics

The average Nevada commuter might not read detailed traffic accident statistics but understand dangers do exist on U.S. highways and roads. However, not everyone may realize how significant the dangers are, as accident data shows a high number of deaths and catastrophic injuries resulting from vehicle accidents. A better understanding of the dangers might lead some to become more careful when commuting, even on familiar routes.

Traffic deaths and injuries

Traffic deaths and injuries remain a global problem that the United Nations calls an epidemic. In the United States alone, 43,000 people died in vehicle collisions in 2021, and the death toll reflects a 16-year high. In addition, the strain of deaths reached the highest in four decades, with 7,500 people dying.

Many deadly accidents result from unsafe practices by drivers. Speeding continues to cause accidents that might not have happened had the driver traveled at a more reasonable speed. Drunk driving suggests a driver’s utter disregard for their safety and others, and many deadly crashes occur when someone operates a vehicle under the influence.

Other actions might not seem as risky, but they contributed to regrettable outcomes. For example, drivers and passengers who don’t wear their seatbelts could suffer far worse harm than those secured by belts. Many drivers suffer from unhealthy habits that cause distractions. One day, routine distracting behavior may cause unfortunate consequences.

Civil actions

Police reports and other evidence may reveal car accidents resulting in serious harm occurred due to someone’s negligence. For example, blood tests might show the at-fault driver had illegal drugs in their system before a crash, and dashcam footage could display the driver going through a stop sign. Any evidence pointing to a fault could establish the driver or another party’s gross negligence.

Victims of catastrophic accidents might require extensive, long-term medical treatment for their injuries. Filing a lawsuit might help those victims recover compensation and punitive damages. The same could be valid for surviving relatives in a wrongful death lawsuit.