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What are the most common eye problems after a car accident?

Common injuries stemming from car accidents are head trauma, whiplash and spinal injuries. However, depending on the situation, Nevada residents can also be left with eye problems after a collision. These are the most common of those injuries.

Chemical burns

After a car accident, airbags may deploy as a safety precaution. However, if the airbag isn’t working properly, vapor or powder can be expelled from it. If these substances get into your eyes, it can lead to chemical burns and even blindness if you don’t get immediate medical treatment.

Orbital fractures

An orbital fracture can occur if you hit your face harshly into the steering wheel, airbag, dashboard or window. You can experience pain, swelling and tenderness around your eye. Bruising also commonly occurs when you have a broken orbital bone.

Optic nerve damage

The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting messages from the eyes to the brain. If it suffers an injury, it can cause fluid or pressure buildup in the optic nerve and lead to blurred vision, loss of color vision, vision loss in the affected eye or vision disturbances.

Eye hemorrhage

One of the scariest eye injuries that you can experience after a car accident is hemorrhage. This affects the jelly-like substance in the eye, the vitreous humor, and leads to bleeding because of the damage affecting the nerves. If not promptly treated, this eye problem can worsen; you could develop glaucoma or even lose your vision.

Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a common eye injury after a crash. This is a painful condition that can lead to vision loss. Surgery is needed to reattach the retina; in some cases, a person might need a retinal transplant.

Eye injuries are serious because your vision is precious. Medical attention after an accident might help you preserve it.