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Can you sue for a slip and fall accident?

Slipping and falling at a grocery store in Nevada is far from an isolated occurrence. These types of falls happen every day and many are followed up by lawsuits. This is not the kind of incident that you should feel embarrassed about. You have the right to report and punish the negligence of a store owner. This is still true if your injury is minor.

Negligence is the usual cause of accidents

Accidents that end in a slip and fall generally come under the heading of premises liability. This means that the owner of a public place, such as a grocery store, is responsible for protecting their customers. If a spill occurs, the area must be clearly marked so that no one will slip and fall.

If the area was clearly marked with a sign, you still have a case. For example, the sign may have been knocked to the ground by a negligent employee. It may have been covered over or obscured in some fashion. As a result, you walked right past it without realizing the danger you were in. If you fall, you might have a legal claim.

Negligence is present because the store owner could have done more to prevent the accident. For example, just putting up a Wet Floor sign isn’t enough. This must be followed up by quick attention to the problem. An employee must be dispatched to clean up the area to make it safe again. If this does not occur, a claim can be filed.

You don’t need to buy anything

There has recently been a controversy over whether you need to buy anything to be eligible to file a claim. This is not the case. The mere fact that you were present in the area where you had your fall is enough.

The premise of your claim is based on the negligence of the owner. There is no need to prove any other type of relationship. The accident you suffered establishes your justification to file your claim.