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Why you should avoid probate

Probate is the legal process that comes after someone’s death to validate their will, settle their debts and distribute their assets to the rightful heirs. While probate serves a necessary purpose, it can often be a time-consuming, costly and complex burden for Nevada residents. Understanding probate’s potential drawbacks can help you plan your estates in a way that minimizes the need for this burdensome process.

Lengthy process

Probate proceedings can stretch on for months or even years, causing delays in distributing assets to beneficiaries. During this time, loved ones may experience financial strain, especially if their reliance on the deceased person’s assets was essential in meeting their needs. Avoiding probate can ensure a smoother asset transition and provide timely assistance to those that need it.

Costly expenses

Probate can be an expensive process, with various costs associated with court fees, legal representation and appraisals. The fees often result from the estate’s value, which means larger estates will incur higher probate costs. Probate expenses can significantly deplete your estate’s value, leaving less for beneficiaries to inherit.

Lack of privacy

Probate is a public process, meaning that the details of a person’s estate, including its value and beneficiaries, become part of the public record. This lack of privacy may concern those who value confidentiality and wish to keep their financial affairs private. By using alternative estate planning strategies, such as living trusts, individuals can maintain their privacy and ensure that their assets are distributed discreetly.

Family conflicts

Probate proceedings can sometimes trigger disputes among family members over inheritance matters. The process may give rise to disagreements, challenges to the will or claims from unknown or distant relatives.

These conflicts can strain relationships and create emotional distress during an already difficult time. By proactively planning and utilizing methods to avoid probate, individuals can potentially mitigate the risk of family conflicts, ensuring a smoother transition of assets.

Estate planning on your own terms

Probate can be a lengthy, costly, and public process that can add unnecessary stress to grieving loved ones. By taking the time to understand the potential drawbacks of probate and exploring alternative estate planning options, you can simplify the transfer of assets, minimize expenses, maintain privacy and reduce the risk of family conflicts.