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Technologies that could reduce speed-related accidents in Nevada

All vehicles sold in Nevada and throughout the country must undergo standard safety and emissions tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), respectively. In a perfect world, this would ensure that all cars on the road are safe and eco-friendly. However, this is not always the case. So, automakers have gone the extra mile to add more advanced technological features to their vehicles to make them safer and more efficient. They include:

Intelligent speed assistance

Intelligent speed assistance (ISA) is a technology that uses GPS, cameras and speed limit signs to alert drivers when they are going above the posted speed limit. It can also automatically adjust the car’s speed to comply with speed limits. This feature not only helps drivers avoid speeding tickets, but it also reduces the risk of car accidents caused by excessive speed.

Europe has already made this feature a mandatory requirement for new cars rolling out from July 2024. Note that this technology assists the driver, not restricting their ability to act independently.

Automatic emergency braking

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is another great technology that uses sensors, cameras and radars to detect potential collisions and apply the brakes automatically if the driver doesn’t respond in time. There are two types of AEB: crash imminent braking and dynamic braking support. Crash imminent braking applies the brakes immediately when it detects a collision. In contrast, dynamic braking support assists the driver in applying maximum force to the brakes to avoid or minimize the impact of an impending collision.

Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning is a safety feature that uses cameras to detect lane markings and alerts the driver if they are drifting out of their lane without signaling. Some systems even take control of the steering wheel to guide the car back into its lane. This feature is especially helpful for tired or distracted drivers who may not realize they are drifting out of their lane.

As years go by, the number of road accidents in Nevada will significantly reduce as automakers continue to integrate more advanced safety technologies in their vehicles. Still, practicing defensive and safe driving habits is helpful as these technologies are meant to assist drivers, not replace them.