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Evidence you need after a truck accident

Tractor-trailers are a regular fixture on Nevada roads. Although many proceed safely from one route to another, an accident can happen in a flash. If you have been in this situation and suffered injuries, you’ll need certain evidence for your truck accident case. These are crucial pieces to have to prove your claim.

Medical records and bills

Your medical records show that you sustained a significant injury as a result of the truck accident. They can provide detailed information about your injury and indicate whether you need continuous treatment and physical therapy. Along with your medical records, your medical bills are also important evidence for your case.

Accident report

In the aftermath of a truck accident, police must be called to the scene. This allows for an official truck accident report to be made. Obtaining a copy of that report can strengthen your case.

Black box data

All commercial trucks are equipped with what’s known as a black box. It stores data such as the truck driver’s length of time driving and whether they took rest breaks. Truckers are only required to work a set number of hours, but sometimes, their employers pressure them to go past their shift; this information can tell you whether they violated their hours of service at the time of the accident.

In-cab camera

The in-cab camera can show what the trucker was doing at the time of a truck accident. It can be one of the strongest pieces of evidence for your claim if it reveals they were distracted, intoxicated, drowsy or driving recklessly. The camera can show different evidence depending on its position and where it’s pointing.

Typically, truck accidents are complex. Having the right evidence can make all the difference in your case.