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Staying safe during a toxic divorce

While you can get divorced for almost any reason in Nevada, it doesn’t mean that your spouse will make it easy to do so. Hurt feelings, narcissism or other issues may cause your spouse to do whatever it takes to ensure that the divorce decree won’t come for many months or years. However, there are steps that you can take to make your life easier during a toxic divorce.

Involve neutral parties

If you don’t trust your spouse to manage joint assets responsibly during a divorce, consider appointing a trustee. In fact, the judge in your case may order a trustee to watch over bank, brokerage or other accounts until a divorce decree is issued. Whoever is appointed to this role may also help to ensure that real property is not sold or transferred without authorization to do so.

Take care of yourself

Your spouse may try to engage in mental abuse such as stalking you while you’re at work or threatening to take the kids away. Your spouse may also try to gaslight you or take other steps to drain your physical and emotional energy during the divorce process. Therefore, it’s important to engage in self-care to ensure that you don’t settle for less than you’re entitled to out of sheer exhaustion. Self-care may include trips to a spa or something simpler like reading your favorite book before bedtime.

Consider a protective order

If your spouse actively threatens your life or the lives of your children, a judge will likely grant a protective order. Such an order prohibits your spouse from taking certain actions such as calling you or coming too close to you while in public. It may also prohibit your spouse from contacting your children or taking other steps a judge might consider problematic.