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5 types of trust parents can consider for a child

As a parent, the well-being of your children is always a top priority. You’re invested in their future, aiming to ensure they do not only survive but thrive. Setting up a trust is a strategic approach to help accomplish this. Through this legal arrangement, you can leave something substantial behind for your children, providing them care even when the time comes that you are no longer around.

However, a simple trust may not fully address your family’s unique needs. Thankfully, a wide variety of options exist, each designed to cater to different situations.

Education trust

Quality education can open the door to boundless opportunities. You can set aside funds specifically meant to fund your children’s schooling expenses, ensuring their path to learning is set.

Spendthrift trust

If your children are showing signs of financial irresponsibility, you can use this trust to safeguard the assets you leave behind from being misused or from your children’s creditors.

Crummey trust

This specific trust can allow you to gift assets to your minor or adult children while minimizing gift taxes or avoiding them entirely.

Special needs trust

A special needs trust can help you support a child with disabilities without disqualifying them from government assistance. This way, they may supplement their benefits with what you provide.

Incentive trust

At times, children can benefit from a bit of motivation. Encourage your child to achieve milestones in life by creating a trust that rewards them for such achievements.

Each child is different, with their own needs and challenges, which can make choosing a trust challenging. A skilled attorney can assess your circumstances, help identify the most appropriate options and tailor a trust to meet your goals.

Establishing a trust for your children is an expression of your love and care. The trust you choose may help shape their future for the better.