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Getting through the bars of Las Vegas safely

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and while the many residents of Sin City use several holidays as excuses to go out and get a drink, this one is guaranteed to have more hangovers than others. Las Vegas typically has plenty of drunk pedestrians outside of the holiday weeks as it is. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Nevada has the third highest alcohol consumption rate in the country.

With so many intoxicated people roaming the streets and casinos, it’s important to take several safety precautions if you plan on celebrating St. Paddy’s day this year or just need a trip to the bar in general. Whether it’s in a hotel or outside of the Strip, bars are some of the most common locations for injuries to happen whether it’s from slipping on beer or getting smacked by an intoxicated party goer.

Don’t go alone

Las Vegas is a massive city that often involves more walking than driving. It can have dangerous areas that have unpredictable hazards even if you’re sober. You are far more at risk if you decide to go bar hopping by yourself. You won’t have anyone to help guide you, point out potential obstacles coming in your direction or help you avoid any suspicious figures.

As with drinking in any other city, it is crucial to have a designated driver. Go with a friend who doesn’t plan on drinking or consider contacting a ride service to get you where you need to be. Even if you don’t need a ride, you should still get someone to help you on your way back to your place. Las Vegas is a sensory overload for almost any individual, so it can be very difficult to concentrate if you have had a few drinks.

Eyes on the floor

As we’ve discussed in the past, bars at Las Vegas casinos have plenty of potential fall hazards when the maintenance is running a little slow. Bars and vendors that serve alcohol outside of the resort don’t have the luxury of having multiple hotel staff members walking around the premises. Since most of these places likely don’t have carpet in place, expect plenty of spilled beer, crushed food or broken glass to be wherever you are.

While you shouldn’t have your eyes constantly staring at the ground, at least peek down once in a while if you feel something out of place near your feet or you get close to the bartender. With how crowded they can get on St. Patrick’s Day and weekends in general, the chaos can make them easy to overlook.

Plan exit strategies

There’s plenty of places to get a drink on the Strip. If one of your favorite places has too many thirsty customers, there’s always another option nearby. It’s not worth it to risk going through a pack of drunk partiers just to get a quick drink. Once you find the right place, pay close attention to where the exit and the bathroom is located in case the area starts getting more chaotic.

St. Patrick’s Day can be a fun holiday, but you and a loved one shouldn’t suffer from someone else’s negligence. In the event of a serious injury, you should consider contacting an attorney to help you financially recover.