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What are common premises liability hazards?

Walking on someone’s property comes with a reasonable expectation that the owner or manager follows common-sense safety steps. Leaving a rake and a pile of leaves on the sidewalk unattended presents a hazard, and not repairing driveway damage at a Nevada business might also lead to someone suffering a fall. Understanding the common reasons for premises liability cases could help people avoid mishaps.

Reasons for premises liability mishaps

Business owners might find it helpful to have an inspection performed at their establishments. A thorough examination may uncover problems that could put people’s safety at risk. The average person may not know how dangerous a slip-and-fall risk or structural issue could be, but a professional inspector might uncover such dangers.

Learning about risks is not the same thing as addressing them. If an inspection uncovers a problem, making arrangements to fix the problems could prevent injuries. Of course, a business operator may not need an inspector to notice serious problems. Ignoring apparent hazards might open an entrepreneur to liabilities.

Taking steps to deal with possible hazards

Business owners may face a personal injury lawsuit if someone suffers harm due to negligence. Keeping a dangerous dog on the property, for example, comes with responsibilities. If the dog bites someone, the owner might face a civil claim. Business owners need to be mindful of dangerous dogs since they could cause injuries.

Other issues are more common at commercial properties. Poor lighting and a lack of security could create problems and may require addressing. Various health hazards might present problems that are preventable as well.

Business liability insurance could cover premises liability injuries. Homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies may cover non-commercial liability claims. These insurance providers might explore a settlement agreement if someone gets injured on a covered property.