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Car accidents and TBIs

Nevada is among the most dangerous states to operate a motor vehicle in. The number of fatal car accidents in the state jumped by 3.3 percent between 2019 and 2020. Many more result in serious injuries to drivers, including traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Here is everything you should know about TBI caused by auto collisions in Las Vegas and greater Nevada.

What is TBI and how can car accidents cause them?

TBI results from damage by a blow to the head (a trauma). The brain is encased in a hard bone (the skull) that usually protects it against mild force but in cases of larger impacts, its ability to safeguard the brain is limited.
Assaults, sports injuries, and car accidents are the leading causes of TBI.

Even despite the impressive safety features of modern cars, auto collisions, especially ones that occur at high speeds, are dangerous. A large proportion of car accidents result in ER visits due to personal injuries, including to the brain.

The importance of seeking expert medical advice following impact to the head

Victims of motor vehicle accidents should seek the advice of specialists who are trained to recognize the pathologies that result from these types of impacts to the head – both for their recovery and to document any damages for potential legal action in the future.

The experts best positioned to document TBI resulting from car accidents are doctors who specialize in studying the brain. Specifically, the type of doctor you should visit is a forensic neuropsychologist. This doctor specializes in investigating and documenting TBI for presentation in a court of law. Getting your head injuries checked out and documented following a car accident is absolutely critical for recovering damages later on in the legal process.