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Motor vehicle accidents are on the rise

Fatal traffic accidents rose sharply throughout 2021. This was true in Nevada as it was in the rest of the U.S. The number of total accident fatalities was listed at 42,915. This is a 10.5% increase over the total of 38,824 recorded in 2020. It’s a result that has experts all over the nation scrambling for answers.

118 people were killed in crashes each day

The total number of motor vehicle crashes recorded in 2021 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) averages out to 118 people killed each day. This is the highest figure recorded since 2005. The total percentage increase of 10.5% over 2020 is the highest one recorded by the NHTSA since it started doing so in 1975.

There were a number of reasons given for the massive increase. More people have been traveling on the roads since the end of the pandemic lockdown. This has resulted in more people ignoring routine safety precautions. Fewer people than ever are wearing seat belts or paying attention to the mandated speed limits.

Highway safety is more critical than ever

Nevada was not the only state where the number of car accidents rose dramatically. This was a trend in all but 6 states across the nation. No single age group was immune from this trend. The number of fatalities among drivers aged 65 and over rose by a level of 14%. At the same time, the number of deaths among drivers aged 35 to 44 rose by 15%.

The number of traffic fatalities involving children under the age of 16 rose by a level of 6%. Meanwhile, the number of accidents that involved at least one large truck rose by 13%. Experts are working on solutions, the results of which remain to be seen.