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Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have been able to work through all or most major sticking points regarding child custody, parenting time and property division, handling the final settlement through negotiations can save you both money and frustration. Even if you are having difficulty reaching an amicable agreement on a handful of issues, professional mediation or arbitration may be the most sensible way to save the frustration and financial cost of trial.

At Bowen Law Offices in Las Vegas, we have helped hundreds of divorcing couples move through the divorce process and on with their lives without the emotions of an expensive trial. Attorney Jerome Bowen is an experienced arbitrator and mediator. Attorney guides our clients through uncontested settlement negotiations, and makes sure the details are handled correctly and written clearly to hand over to the court for final adjudication.

Mediation Can Save You Time, Money And Frustration

When divorcing couples agree to mediation, each should be advised by a separate lawyer. A professional mediator will direct and guide the parties through negotiation sessions to resolve any disputed issues on the table. Parties may rely on independent professionals in the areas of child welfare, forensic accounting and taxes to help them decide on the best way to resolve a dispute. Mediation often requires fewer than four sessions with a qualified mediator, and neither party is bound to a final settlement right up until a judge signs off on the agreement — at which point it becomes a court judgment.

Arbitration Puts The Decision In The Hands Of An Independent Arbitrator

When you agree to arbitration, you and your spouse agree to present your side of the dispute to an independent arbitrator, who will review the evidence and rule for one side or the other, or come to an independent decision. Professional arbitrators are often current or former family law judges with an in-depth knowledge of how courts will rule on specific issues. In arbitration, both parties should be represented by their own attorneys, and parties will be contractually bound to accept the decision of the arbitrator.

Flat Fees For Flash Divorces And Unbundled Divorces

If you and your spouse have agreed on all or most issues and only need a final review and filing services, we offer flat fee rates for pro se divorces. We will write up the final documents, file the papers with the court and attend all necessary hearings on your behalf. We also serve as your legal counsel in unbundled cases, in which there is a requirement for a one-time hearing.

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