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Denied or Delayed Claims Litigation

Bowen Law Offices, in Las Vegas, has a successful record aggressively representing the rights of insurance policyholders who have had their claims denied or delayed by their insurance provider out of bad faith.

Attorneys Who Understand The Strategies Insurance Companies Use

When you take out an insurance policy and pay premiums, you have the right to expect that the provider will follow the terms of the contract. Unfortunately, too many insurance companies employ deliberate delay tactics in the hopes the policyholder will give up and not pursue an appeal.

Are you facing any of these common bad faith strategies by your insurance company?

  • Company claims you did not submit adequate supporting evidence.
  • Company offers an extremely low settlement, far below the value of the damaged property.
  • Company claims the policy did not cover the property or service claimed.
  • Company claims the policy lapsed.
  • Company refuses to continue policy coverage.

Insurance companies are overseen by the Nevada Division of Insurance. They are required to serve their customers in good faith. The division offers a formal appeals process but it is complicated and time-consuming. If you need help fighting to protect your financial interests in an appeals matter, talk to us about getting experienced legal representation.

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