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Setting The Standard For High-Asset Divorce Representation Across The Nation

Last updated on July 29, 2021

With decades of courtroom experience and a strong reputation for family law advocacy, the team at Bowen Law Offices has made the firm an industry leader. Our attorneys are attentive and understand the nuances that make your asset division needs unique.

As you move forward with your divorce, take comfort in knowing that your attorney has a hard-won reputation for excellence. Our clients know us for our personal attention and for our consistency. To meet with our team at our Las Vegas office, call 702-763-6159.

Taking An Innovative And Firm Approach To Difficult Moments

Whether you believe that you and your spouse can come to agreeable terms outside of the courtroom or that litigation is your best option, we have the experience and the tools you need to make the most out of your divorce.

Our attorneys have decades of experience managing complex holdings and obtaining proper valuations for a variety of asset types. We regularly manage property division issues involving:

  • Lucrative and high-value stocks and investments
  • Corporate interests and business holdings
  • Multiple real estate properties, including commercial and investment properties
  • Retirement funds and pensions

Our firm also has experience uncovering hidden assets and working with forensic accountants to ensure financial deceptions stop now, when they can have the greatest impact on your finances moving forward.

Fair Division Depends On Stalwart Representation

Our attorneys are award-winning legal professionals with years of recognition for their skill in both negotiations and trial. We offer practical advice and committed advocacy. Email our team to find a time for your first appointment.